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    Saturday, October 20 2018 @ 08:13 AM WEST

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50 MHz IARU R1 Contest 2007 (b)


Dr OM's
On behalf of the IARU, Region 1 I would like to invite you and your fellow
radio amateurs to participate in the annual 50 MHz Region 1 Contest,
which will take place, as usual, on the third (3) weekend in June (16-17.
June 2007). This year Polski Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow (PZK) is adjudicating
this contest.

I have attached the Rules of this Contest, based on chapter 4.9 (pages
103, 104) and 4.11 (page 106) in the VHF Manager's Handbook V 5.11.

Logs in digital format (EDI) shall be sent to:

The Contest Manager, Andrzej SP7NJX gave some explanations about the
logs, which are attached.

VHF Manager of PZK
President of PZK

Zdzislaw Bienkowski, SP6LB
Piotr Skrzypczak SP2JMR

There are some explanations if you will send logs from your country for IARU 50MHZ 2007 to
Under this e-mail address there is a robot which will examine INBOX every ten minutes.
1. Every log should be send as attachment to an e-mail.
2. The most important thing is that all logs must be in REG1TEST format described in VHF Managers Handbook
v 5.11 starting on page 107 (p. 4.12)
If you have any other format please contact with me via e-mail. I'm using two addresses: or
If you will have any questions about IARU 50MHz and log sending you can write directly to me.
3. REG1TEST file should be properly build.
a) First important line is: TDate= which should consists of correct dates of contest.
for example (good ones):
TDate=20070616;20070617, or TDate=20070617;20070617 or TDate=20070616;20070616
any file with wrong values for TDate will be rejected.
for example (wrong ones): TDate=20070618;20070619
b) Second important line is: PSect= which should consists one of followed values.
In this contest we have two sections Single Operator and Others (Multi Operator).
Line PSect= could look like this:
PSect=SO, or PSect=Single, or PSect=Single operator
PSect=MO, or PSect=Multi, or PSect=Multi operator
4. Please don't send a zipped logs for this e-mail address. For this moment there are no possibility to
automatically process any type of compressed files. It will be done in next release of robot software.
5. You can send in one e-mail as many logs as you can include. If you will send for example 20 logs in one
e- mail (I tested this robot for about 150 logs in one e-mail) for this moment you will receive 20 separately
e-mail's for confirmation of receiving each log. If logs will have any errors inside them you will receive
also an e-mail with explanation what is wrong. It is not a human checking and there could be a some
mistakes but I hope it will work well.
Contest Manager
Andrzej/Andy SP7NJX
(Expl. V-2)

Rules of the IARU Region 1 50 MHz - 2007 Contest are based on the standard Rules as in the VHF Managers
Handbook [Version 5.11]
1. Eligible entrants
All radio amateurs in Region 1 who are authorized to use the 50 MHz band can participate in the contest.
Multiple operator entries will be accepted, provided only one call sign is used during the contest. The
contestants must operate within the letter and spirit of the contest and at no greater power than permitted
in the ordinary licenses of their country. Stations operating under special high power licenses do so "hors
concours" and cannot be placed in the contest proper.
Stations operating temporarily outside their “home-country” are for the purpose of the contest participating
as stations in the country where they operate and their logs will have to be submitted to the VHFManager/
Contest Committee of that country. Logs send to the contest committee of their home country
shall not be submitted to the adjudicating society!
2. Contest sections
The contest will comprise the following sections :
i) Stations operated by a single operator, with no assistance during the contest.
ii) All other entrants
No more than one transmitter may be in use at any one time. All the equipment of the station (transmitters,
receivers and antennas, etc) must be located within a single circle of no greater than 500 meters diameter.
3. Date of contest
The contest will begin on the third Saturday of June.
4. Duration of contest
The contest will commence at 1400 hours UTC on the Saturday 16.06.2007 and will end at 1400 hours
UTC on the Sunday 17.06.2007.
5. Contacts
Each station can be worked only once, whether it is fixed, portable or mobile. If a station is worked again
during the same contest, only one contact will count for points, but any duplicate contacts should be logged
without claim for points and clearly marked as duplicates.
Contacts made via active repeaters do not count for points. Any telephony contacts made with stations
transmitting in the telegraphy sub band shall not count for points.
6. Type of emission
Contacts may be made in A1A, J3E or F3E(G3E).
7. Contest exchanges
Code numbers exchanged during each contact shall consist of the RS or RST report followed by a serial
number commencing with 001 for the first contact and increasing by one for each successive contact. This
exchange must immediately be followed by the complete (6 character) Locator of the sending station
(examples : 59003 JO20DB or 579123 IN55DD).
8. Scoring
Points will be scored on the basis of one point per kilometer, i.e. the calculated distance in kilometers will
be truncated to an integer value and 1 km will be added. The centre of each locator square is used for
distance calculations. In case only a 4-character Locator has been received, the contact is invalid.
In order to make contest scores comparable, for the conversion from degrees to kilometers a factor of
111.2 should be used when calculating distances with the aid of the spherical geometry equation
(Noordwijkerhout, 1987).
9. Entries
The entries must be set out on digital/electronic form fulfilling the requirements under rule 12. Logs must
be sent to the national VHF Manager or the national Contest Committee not later than the second Monday
following the contest weekend (25.06.2007). Late entries will not be accepted. The submission of the logs
implies that the entrant accepts the contest rules.
10. Judging of entries
The judging of the entries shall be the responsibility of the organizing society, whose decision shall be final.
Entrants deliberately contravening any of these rules or flagrantly disregarding the IARU Region 1 band
plans shall be disqualified (see footnote 1) on monitoring.
The claimed contact will be disqualified for any error in the information logged by the station. Claiming
points for duplicate will be penalized by deducting ten times the number of points claimed for that duplicate
contact from the score.
Any errors in the logged information will result in the loss of all points for that contact by the receiving
11. Awards
The winner in ach section will receive a certificate.
12. Log sheets
The logs shall be, in the format REG1TEST /EDI (defined in Section 4.11 and 4.12 of the Handbook V
National VHF Manager/ Contest Committee forward EDI files to
not later than 19.08.2007.
Contest Manager UKF Manager PZK President of PZK
Andrzej Pajak, SP7NJX Zdzislaw Bienkowski, SP6LB Piotr Skrzypczak, SP2JMR
Bydgoszcz , 30.04.2007
1) At the IARU Region 1 Conference in Scheveningen (1972) it was decided that to effect this:
a) each VHF Manager and/or national Contest Committee shall be responsible for monitoring during contests.
Additional monitoring stations may be appointed but these stations may not take part in the contest.
b) telephony contacts made with stations operating in the telegraphy subband shall not count for points.
c) the national VHF Manager/Contest Committee is responsible for disqualification based upon the results obtained
from a) and b) above.
(Rules 50MHz-2007-eng-V5)

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