Watch TX Factor – Episode 1 (TXF001)

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January 2014

Bob McCreadie G0FGX visits the Marconi Centre in Poldhu, Cornwall. As well as being the home of the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club it’s also an informative, interactive visitor centre commemorating the link between this windswept Cornish cliff-top and Marconi’s development of long-distance radio communication.

For more information about the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club visit or contact Keith Matthew G0WYS

The Marconi Centre also has its own website at

Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ takes a hike up Stiperstones in Shropshire to discover the delights of Summits On The Air (SOTA) activating. Our contributor is Tom Read M1EYP who is part of the SOTA management team in the UK. All the information you could ever need to activate Stiperstones is to be found here.

 The main SOTA website is

 To visit the SOTA results and database

 Mike Marsh G1IAR keeps his feet firmly on the ground at the Norman Lockyer Observatory in south-east Devon to find out what makes the 2 metre repeater GB3SW tick. The Norman Lockyer Observatory is home to the NLO Radio Group and special event station GB2NLO. Our contributor is the repeater keeper Dave Lee G6XUV.

Watch TX Factor – Episode 1 (TXF001) 

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