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Rede dos Emissores Portugueses

Associação Nacional de Radioamadores    

    Thursday, October 22 2020 @ 03:42 am UTC

 Bem-vindo a Rede dos Emissores Portugueses

Fundada em 1926
Membro da IARU desde 1931
Instituição de Utilidade Pública desde 1980

_____________ NEWS - NOTICIAS - FLASH _____________Prezados Sócios da REP_____________A nossa associação vive das vossas quotas, aguardamos pela vossa contribuição, só assim conseguimos realizar alguns projectos. _____________Agradecemos a vossa atenção e consideração. _____________Veja o tópico Sócios da REP - Pagamentos de Quotas _____________

______________ A REP tem um novo portal. _________________ Para não ser perder o historial, mantemos este portal de noticias com as noticias ativas._________________ Visite o novo portal em __________________ Agradecemos a vossa atenção e consideração. Os melhores cumprimentos, 73 _____________

WFF - World Flora Fauna

DXWFF – Activity Week.

Within the bounds of the worldwide Programme for Nature Reserves and National Parks there is an Activity Week, which is called "World Flora Fauna" (WFF), and is to be held between July 2, 2008, and July 8, 2008. The WFF Committee welcomes radio hams to take part in the global Activity Week from their homes or the National Parks and Nature Reserves territories listed in the WFF List.

WFF is a new movement and a new area in Radio Amateur world of DXing.

WFF is a young innovative international award programme which we do hope will become a popular one for the worldwide community of the expedition participants and the "hunters" along with already well-known and popular DXCC, IOTA and WABA award Programmes. Because many of earlier made QSOs after they are classified as per the WFF Programme requirements will be considered for the WFF, and the following increase of the achievements will depends on current and future activity.

We invite National Amateur Radio Associations, Organizations, Clubs, Companies and Individual Hams to support the Initiative of the Worldwide National Park and Nature Reserves World Flora Fauna Programme.

The WFF Programme provides to National Amateur Radio Organizations a wonderful opportunity to set up and organize internal national FF Programmes along with the currently existing projects: Russian Flora Fauna (RFF), Ukraine Flora Fauna (UFF), and New Zealand National Parks Award.

If you could not find in the WFF List a National Park or a Nature Reserve in your country which meets the requirements of the WFF Programme, please, inform the WFF Committee for a possible consideration and assigning to it of a separate number. We invite the most active and interested hams o different countries to join the activity of the WFF Committee.

Submitting of video and photo reports, logs, articles and materials and museum pieces , confirming operation from the territories of the National Parks and the Nature Reserves entered into the WFF List is welcomed. Radio expeditions who provide a video report will form a part of the WFF Video Supplement to the WFF Directory. Videos of other types may be put into the On-line WFF Video Review.

We do welcome introduction of new call signs with letters FF in their suffix. The following operators have already displayed their willingness to use during the Activity Week or Month special call signs:UE1NFF(via RN1NU)RFF-047, 051, 122, 134;UE1OFF(via RA1OZ)RFF-071, 125;UE1RFF(via UA1RJ)RFF-139;UE1ZFF(via RA1ZZ)RFF-069, 056;

UE3GFF(via RU3GN)RFF-029;UE3SFF(via RU3SD)RFF-065;UE3EFF(via RZ3EC)RFF-133;UE3MFF(via RD3MA)RFF-135;UE3RFF(via RA3RGQ)RFF-028;UE3LFF(via UA3LAF)RFF-142;UE3OFF/3(via RA3QSY)RFF-010, 097;UE0FFF(via RA0FU)RFF-073;UE0SFF(via RZ0SB)RFF-004, 136;UE0SFF/0(via RZ0SB)RFF-146;UE9AFF(via RA9AP)RFF-145;UE6IFF(via RK6FZ)RFF-098;UE0BFF(via RW0BG)RFF-015;

UE3XFF(via UA3XAC)RFF-147, 042;UE6EFF(via RW6HKF)RFF-086;UE1CFF(via RA1CW)RFF-062;UE3ZFF(via RA3ZZ)RFF-097;

UE3FFF(via RK3DXS)RFF-129;UE1QFF(via RA1QY)RFF-033;UE9SFF(via RA9SC)RFF-067;UE9YFF(via RU9YT)RFF-102;UE4FFF (via RA4FW)RFF-074;UE4NFF(via RW4NX)RFF-064;UE9FFF(via RA9FR)RFF-022;UE9GFF/9(via RA9FDR)RFF-007;UE4HFF(via RX4HJ)RFF-037, 140;UE0OFF(via RW0OO)RFF-123, 146, 035, 005, 006;UE9JFF(via RA9JM)RFF-058;UE3TFF(via RZ3TW)RFF-046; RZ3AMW/1(via home)RFF-043;UE9WFF(via RW9WA)RFF-101, 103, 153;UE0AFF(via UA0AOZ) RFF-084;ER3WFF(via ER1DA)- ERFF;

ER6WFF(via ER3GS)ERFF;DL8FCB/P/ff - DLFF, etc.

We invite the participants of the DX – expeditions and the 'hunters' to fight for winning of the prestigious prize "WFF Globus". The conditions for winning the prize are as follows: for the participants – to participate at least in 10 radio expeditions from the territories of National Parks or Nature Reserves in 3 different continents, or for the 'hunters' – to have at least 500 QSOs with different National Parks or Nature Reserves of the official WFF List.

The WFF Programme may become a glaring example of world amateur radio community consolidation to protect nature conservation activities all round the world and serve as a kind of ecological education.

Discover the NEW ONE WFF, feel being a discoverer and make you own contribution into the noble action. Visit National Parks and Nature Reserves with your families, friends, confederates and grant joy to yourself and those around you, to the 'hunters' for National Parks and Nature Reserves of the world.

Watch the WFF Presentation at http:// on July 1. 2008.

Looking forward to hear you on the bands operating from National Parks and Nature Reserves of the world!

73! 44!

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