CS2ASL contacto escolar com OR4ISS na Estação Espacial Internacional (ISS)

366 x carregado & 110 x vizualizado

2024-06-06 – 10h33 UTC

2024-06-06 – 10h43 UTC

Matthew Dominick KCØTOR

Proposed questions generated by the Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Serafim Leite students:

  1. How many hours of exercise should an astronaut do each day?
  2. Do you have any specific type of food when you are on mission?
  3. How long do astronauts train to be able to go on space missions?
  4. Whom and what do you miss most?
  5. Tell us about your adventure in space.
  6. What recent advances in space exploration you believe to have a significant impact in future space exploration and/or in society in general?
  7. At what speed does ISS move? And how many orbits do you manage to conclude in 24 hours?
  8. What are the most challenging scientific goals that space missions are trying to achieve?
  9. What made you become astronauts?
  10. What feeling do you have when travelling into space?
  11. What does it feel like to gravitate?
  12. What is your daily routine like?
  13. What effects does space have on the human body and how do you control them?
  14. When you have a health problem, what do you do?
  15. How many G-forces do you experience on the liftoff and landing and how does it feel?
  16. Can you deal well with the little contact you have with the social world on Earth?
  17. In case you have to get outside the international space station, how long do the suits have oxygen autonomy?
  18. How do you feel having a job that millions of kids wish to have in their future?
  19. Do you have any free time? If so, what do you do?
  20. What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen in space?