ARISS News Release No. 19-01

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ARISS News Release                                                                                                  No. 19-01

Dave Jordan, AA4KN


Jan. 30, 2019

The ARISS Team Thanks You for Your Tremendous Support in 2018!

As the ARISS team reviews 2018 successes, it is time to say thank you to our very dedicated supporters.  To begin expressing thanks appropriately, ARISS commends 2018 donors who contributed $1,000 or more.  The extreme confidence in ARISS by these generous individuals, organizations, and corporations propels ARISS’s successes in using Amateur Radio for a thrilling conversation with an orbiting ISS astronaut to introduce youth, educators, and others to science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, space, radio technology and Amateur Radio. They are:

Tom Clark, K3IO

Dayton Amateur Radio Association

John Dean, K0JDD

Frank Donovan, W3LPL

HamJam, sponsored by North Fulton Amateur Radio League

Irving Amateur Radio Club  

JVC KENWOOD Corporation

Joe Lynch, N6CL & Carol Lynch, W6CL

MFJ:  Martin Jue, K5FLU & Betty Jue

Levi Maaia, K6LCM & Daniela Maaia, W6DRM

Ren Roderick, K7JB

Robert Sherwood, NC0B

William Tynan, W3XO (now SK)

Yasme Foundation




Each of these donors is an ARISS honorary team member; we are gratified for their robust backing of ARISS. 

ARISS wouldn’t exist at all without its major sponsors.  We cannot extol enough, the continuing and vital support of: 

NASA Space Communication and Navigation (SCaN)

The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)

Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

We fervently applaud them all.  NASA, AMSAT, and ARRL have backed ARISS since 1996 during its infancy when the team first developed ideas for the program! 

ARISS also pays tribute to the many other donors who firmly stood with ARISS’s goals in 2018.  Even more important, many of these donors faithfully contribute their dollars year after year.

Every donor’s support is critical to launching the new ARISS hardware in 2019. The new radio system will improve ARISS educational activities, the packet and SSTV capabilities, and will include other exciting communications features, such as a voice repeater.  The new system will ensure that ARISS communications will continue seamlessly for the weekly school and youth group radio contacts with astronauts on the Space Station. 

ARISS has a ways to go to reach our dollar goal before launches of new equipment can occur, and there is not a lot of time left.  2018 ARISS donors stated that they hoped their generosity would encourage others to become ARISS backers. You can join in the funding challenge by contacting Frank Bauer, or Rosalie White, We hope to hear from you! Contributions can be given directly at

ARISS saw a very positive 2018.  We hope for an even more stupendous 2019 thanks to generous donors like you.  Thank you for your support!

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Media Contact:

Dave Jordan, AA4KN